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Friday, August 22nd, 2014


“Fate/Kaleid Liner” Has The Funniest Lolis
  Fate/kaleid liner proves faithful to the first season’s formula by having a highly comedic episode as the follow-up to its last dramatic spectacle – an excellent display of lovely loli fun that all ends in yuri fashion.          Commentshttp://dalian.7thstyle...

Lost in America

Tokyo Ghoul - 08
  That was an interesting mix of the expected and the unexpected.I think the broad course of Tokyo Ghoul has been laid in from the very beginning, and even if the order of events has apparently been moved around some in the anime version, the first eight episodes have pretty much been the prologue.&nbsp;...


Fall 2014 Visual Guide, Anime Schedule, & PV Collection
 「キロクノカケラ」 | (あさぎり) *Note: This list will continuously be updated as further premiere dates are announced. All recent activity concerning this post will be made public via Twitter. *** -Visual Chart(s)- Click to enlarge*neregate’s Visual Guide (v.1.0) Click to enlarge*zektr’s...

Random Curiosity 2

Zankyou no Terror – 07
  「DEUCE」 If we ever look back and try to look for a point where the views on this show diverged, I'd say this would be it. The post Zankyou no Terror – 07 appeared first on Random Curiosity.

Beneath the Tangles

Terror in Resonance Episode 7: When Terrorists Are Saviors
  Episode seven of Terror in Resonance (Zankyou no Terror) was the payoff episode I didn’t know I was waiting for. Each succeeding week of Watanabe’s bordering-on-classic series has ratcheted up the tension with our once invincible duo getting closer and closer to having their plans derailed. ...

Random Curiosity 2

Glasslip – 08
  「雪」 (Yuki) "Snow" After last week's train wreck, I thought this week's episode did a little better. While I'm still a little confused about what direction the show is trying to go in, P.A. Works did a great job at illustrating a world that's literally falling apart at the seams. The post Glasslip...


Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno Hit 7.3 Million For Opening Day
  Fans and Japanese fans alike should rejoice, as Warner Bros. Philippines happily announced that Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno hit #1 in its opening day, with a total ticket sales of 7.3 Million pesos (U$166,533.65). While their announcement says that it is triple of what the first film has earned,...

AngryAnimeBitches Anime Blog

Majimoji Rurumo episode 2 + 3 – Cohabitation with a witch +. . .a rival??
   This episode continues the most moe fucking witch show ever I swear to God someone help me dying moe omg. The premise of today is the occult club looking for a UI, only...

Anime Evo

Persona 4 : The Golden Animation – 07
 This was definitely a fun episode both for having the most action we’ve seen since the first episode and also having some good character moments for Yu, Marie, and Adachi. It was a compelling episode and the only downside to it was that they had to make Ameno-sagiri a complete pushover in order...

Spark Blog

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Episode 7 Impression
  On this episode, Koutaro receives more knight training from Theiamillia, Later, they go against Theiamillia's rival. Seeing Koutaro and Theiamillia doing their knight training and getting a better relationship is pretty interesting. Also it seems Koutaro might have an actual mysterious connection...

AngryAnimeBitches Anime Blog

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Episode 180 + 181 [hope in the face of forgetting]
 We start with a new opening which is AMAZING. Great visuals and the song matches it so perfectly, probably one of my favorite vanguard openings. They see the butler who is with the Quatre...

A Product of Wasted Time

One Piece 757
 Luffy and company continue to advance up Doflamingo's mountain.That's a true Luffy fan right there.Summary:On level 3 of the mountain, Bart uses his barrier power to build a stair for Luffy, Law and Kyros to get up to the next level. Bart, Robin and Cavendish then stay to battle Gladius and the headcracker...


One Piece  
One Piece

A Product of Wasted Time

Bleach 593
 Mayuri vs. Zombie Hitsugaya.Zombie Hitsugaya is getting thrown for a loop.Summary:Mayuri and Zombie Hitsugaya start to battle. Hitsugaya overpowers Mayuri with bankai, but he finds himself trapped in a time loop where the loop resets every time he kills Mayuri. Mayuri then starts taunting Hitsugaya before...


Thursday, August 21st, 2014

A Product of Wasted Time

Naruto 689
 The members of Team Kakashi work together to take down Kaguya.Good job, Sakura. Never thought I'd ever say that lol.Summary:The members of Team Kakashi (Team 7) reunite for one last try to seal Kaguya as Kaguya forms a gigantic tailed beast bomb to blow everything up. Kakashi manages to land a hit of...



Sugoi! Anime Blog

Amagi Brilliant Park: Character Gallery & Illustrations
  Here’s a small Amagi Brilliant Park character gallery and a couple of cute illustrations in addition: The post Amagi Brilliant Park: Character Gallery & Illustrations appeared first on Sugoi! Anime Blog.
Showing entries 136-150 of 247362 from 709 blogs.
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