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Saturday, July 19th, 2014

Infinite Zenith

A Closer Look At the Spoiler-free K-On! Movie Review: Is the Film Still Relevant After Two Years?
 Two years have now elapsed since the K-On! Movie was released on DVD and Blu-ray, making it accessible for the first time to viewers. When the movie was originally screened in Japan, it was December 3, 2011, and at the time, the date for a home release was completely unknown. It was not until April ...

Organization Anti-Social Geniuses

Notes of Great Teacher Onizuka 2014 Episode 2
 I get the feeling something’s changedwhat could it be? In GTO 2014′s debut episode, Onizuka managed to save Mariko from giving up on who she is so easily, and the two of them become friends. Summary of Great Teacher Onizuka 2014 Episode 2 Taichi Usami (Reo Sano) has ADHD, and his condition...


Legato of the White Iron
 I have a déjà vu feeling that I’ve done this screencap before, despite having zero entries on Arpeggio of Blue Steel. Dat aft. Kirishima will never leave my heart, nor my hard drives. I’m slightly late to the party again. This was announced a month ago. But hell yes, to more Arpeggio of...

The Glorio Blog

Blue Spring Ride Episode 2
 After thinking on Kou's parting words, Futaba starts to reanalyze her current relationships. Sympathizing with the class outcast, she loses her old friends, but may start to gain stronger friendships for it.
Friday, July 18th, 2014

Infinite Zenith

An Interview With the Director and Producer of the K-On! Movie
 Back in 2012, K-On!‘s director, Naoko Yamada, and one of the producers, Yoshihisa Nakayama, attended one of the screenings of the K-On! Movie in Glasgow, Scotland to introduce the film to its audience, and subsequently, participate in an interview session with the audience. As the series’...

Organization Anti-Social Geniuses

Crunchyroll CEO Kun Gao Did An AMA on Reddit, Here’s The Wrap-Up
 Today Crunchyroll CEO Kun Gao did a Reddit Ask Me Anything where, of course, anime fans (and not anime fans) asked questions about his favorite anime, how they license shows, and other stuff we probably already knew about. The problem was as I looked at the thread, only three questions he answered actually...

Moe Sucks

Tokyo ESP Ep. 2: Something about power and responsibility
  So this entire time, you think some guy has been stealing precious artifacts from museums across Japan. In fact, you have eyewitnesses claiming that he’s the perpetrator. One day, however, the primary suspect shows up in front of you and hands over an unconscious, cleavage-bearing girl. He then...

Beneath the Tangles

Something More: Barakamon Christianity, Valkyria’s Salvation, and the Rapture of Tenchi Masaki
  In the first two episodes of the Barakamon, Frank finds important points that all experienced Christians should probably take under consideration. [A Series of Miracles] D.M. Dutcher finds an analogy for the rapture in Tenchi Forever, and examines why that film captures the essence of the rapture better...


Souten no Ken  
Souten no Ken

The Glorio Blog

Random Manga Theatre 102: Nostalgia for the Blue Seashore
 Hit the “Random” button and see what comes up! In this feature, we take a look at whatever manga the RNG decides to throw at us and find out if it’s worth your time.This time: Ao to Umibe no Nostalgia, by Koyomi Minamori

Organization Anti-Social Geniuses

What Ben Learned From Watching Baccano, Part I
 Baccano what is there to even say about this series? It’s one of the more critically acclaimed anime to come out of the 2000s. Everything that can be said about this anime adaptation has literally already been said. All I can do now is offer my impressions as I watch the series for the first Read...



Tenka Seiha

Tokyo ESP #02 — Katamari Dadacy
    I hope you start kicking ass and rocket punching people soon, Kitty. Impressions: Nowhere near as exciting or as action-packed as the first episode, but it did gain all that structure it was lacking, and it actually covered not one, but two little plotlines of characters acting doing things, letting...

Cosplay Shopper

Convention Tips
 Whether you are new to the convention world or a veteran, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while you go and nerd out with fellow con-goers. We don’t expect you to follow these tips or Continue reading →

Sugoi! Anime Blog

BD/DVD CMs: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun & Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance
 Media Factory published two short BD/DVD trailers for the funny comedy anime Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (above) and the fantasy action harem show Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance:

Tenka Seiha

Apartment Invaders! #02 — Old Maid
    You’ve got to be kidding me. Impressions: This could have recovered if now after having established its clusterblintz of characters and whatnot, it took that and ran with it, reveling in the madness and/or stupidity. Instead, they went to school? Played a game of Old Maid that started a...

The null set

Final Impressions of the Spring 2014 Anime Season, Part 4 of 4
 If you’ve been keeping track of where the already covered anime series have placed then you’ve noticed that none of the top anime series have been covered. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Now, if you’ve realized that this season’s last place anime hasn’t been covered...


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Nishi no Yoki MajoCode Geass Hangyaku no LelouchCode Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch Season 2Tales of the Abyss
Showing entries 151-165 of 246047 from 709 blogs.
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