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Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Japanophile Isle

I need your help! Show me your favorite anime quotes.
Japanophile Isle
  I need some Anime Quotes to fill up the sidebar widget If you have anything, leave it in the comments please! (Games are fine too.)

Hynavian World

Change 123 Chapter 9 - Kidnapped?
 Chapter 9 of Change 123 is out!It’s a battle against time as Motoko has to defeat her martial arts opponent before she can save her about to be drowned bf, Kosukegawa. The battle wasn’t easy and there’s much fan service as both ladies battle it out to bring the other down, resulting...

Cross Channel (クロス† チャネル)

Planetes - Watch this, YOU COPY
  Two days. That’s all it took for me to finish this 26 episode show. I’ve seen other shows where I could watch a lot of episodes in succession but I think with this watch I was really, really interested in how it would turn out in each episode which doesn’t happen very often with...


Shugo Chara 41 - Everyone is Stupid
 So the original plan was to blog Birdy today and Shugo Chara tomorrow. But this episode was just so good I couldn't wait. Turns out Utau's newest song Black Diamond is powered by Dia, versus Meikyuu Butterfly which was powered by Iru. Iru is feeling a little bit jealous and she misses being able to pick...


Shugo Chara!  
Shugo Chara!


Avatar : Sozin’s Comet - End
  The destined battle between Aang and the Fire Lord has finally come, but is our bald-arrowed hero prepared to take his life? < Spoilers Warning > So I just finished watching the last four episodes Avatar: The Last Airbender on good ol Nickelodeon and oh boy was it great. Lets talk about the fighting....

2D > 3D

Japanese War Crimes = Cosplayers are f*cking idiots?
 A suggestion from a friend in real-life prompted me to search around the blogrolls of my school mates (who I may, or may not know) to find some blogger in question writing something about logic. I’m yet to find the blogger in question, but heck I found something more interesting (and it was only...

Ani-Nouto (アニ・ノート)

Magikano begins
Ani-Nouto (アニ・ノート)
  This is the second time when I watch a series because of the top rotation at Chizumatic. The first was Cosplay Complex, and what a disaster it was. I thought the lesson well taken, but one picture was just irresistible. I still consider Megumi of Muteki Kanban Musume the most beautiful character design...


School Rumble  Magikano  Muteki Kanban Musume  
School RumbleMagikanoMuteki Kanban Musume

Four Flavors of Taiyaki

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 02 - Otaku raburabu.
  Yes, I want one of these too. Flavor: Sweet Akihabara date! Loved this episode lots of blushing and romance cliches. This, alongside the lack of Yuuto’s annoying sister and the slutty teacher, made this episode much more enjoyable than the first one. I really like the show the way it is now (with...


Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu  
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

ARIA Anime アリア アニメ

Strike Witches - 03
  Ichi nin ja nai kara 一人じゃないから Summary Miyafuji gets acquainted with the rest of the Strike Witches team except for the rude and proud Perrine, the rest seem fun and they tease here about her bust size. Lynette a trainee like her shows her around the base and tells her how young...


Strike Witches  
Strike Witches

Calamitous Intent

Naruto Chapter 409 - Passing Down The Sage Techniques
  No hawtness on the cover this week, unless you’re into slimy. So following on from last week Naruto heads off to Myobokuzan with Fukasaku to lean ‘sage’ techniques. Tsunade, Shikamaru and Sakura see him off with Tsunade telling him they will let him know the details of the autopsy....



Bokutachi no BLOG

Code Geass R2 episode 14
 The year was a.t.b. 1997 when Marianne was still alive with C.C. by her side. V.V. and Charles were also there looking at them both. They reminded each other of their promise to slay the gods and rid of the world from all the lies. To the present day, Lelouch grieved momentarily over Shirley’s...


Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch  Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch Season 2  
Code Geass Hangyaku no LelouchCode Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch Season 2

Jiiii (じ――ツಠ_ಠ。。。)

[Misc.] Back from Japan
 One week in Japan is surely not enough, but money sure disappears fast. Three days in Tokyo allowed me to wonder around Shinjuku, Shibuya, Asakusa, and of course, Akihabara. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to visit the glamorous streets of Harajuku, but passed by and I know I’ll come...

Tiamat's Anime and Manga Reviews

To review? Or not to review? That is the question!!
  Over on Kai-Ming Cha’s blog there was a discussion about Gantz, which sort of changed to what we as blogger’s should read and review. One of the commenter’s, Tina, made what to me at least, was an odd comment: @Tiamat I don’t like Yaoi/BL stuff, but when I get them to review I try...

Ogiue Maniax

Avatar Finale, or Shut Up About Dangling Plot Threads
  They don’t matter. I don’t care how much you want to see them explored, it does not detract from the ending. Good to see it all over. Unless they make a season 4.

Manga Maniac Cafe

Two Flowers for the Dragon Vol 2 by Nari Kusakawa Manga Review Widgets Title: Two Flowers for the Dragon Vol 2 Author: Nari Kusakawa Publisher: CMX ISBN: 9781401215279 May Contain Spoilers Ah, love can be such a tangled mess. Poor Sakuya has not one, but two, handsome fiances! How is a girl supposed to decide between them? Before Lucien returned...
Showing entries 170836-170850 of 251276 from 709 blogs.
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