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Saturday, July 12th, 2008


Random CG Effects #1: Kanon
 By this point, I think it’s been made pretty clear that I get far too amused by the most pointless things in anime, as undoubtedly evidenced by the fact that I once made a whole post about a Yorkie bar appearing in Noein, not to mention all those Mikan Watch posts.One of the other things


Kanon  Noein  

A Geek by Any Other Name

Oh Yeah, ‘Scheduled Maintenance’
  Sorry about the downtime last night folks, my host did some scheduled maintenance and (surprise surprise) it took longer than they expected. Don’t worry, nothing’s wrong in gialand that can’t be fixed with some peach schnapps, a pair of handcuffs, and a wallaby! ♥


AFM 4 Entries Up!
 I decided to ditch the voting. Anyway, thanks to these people for the effort they took to record.Just download and enjoy folks! I guess this could jolly well be the last AFM.To be honest, I wouldn’t really treat this as an official release of AFM 4 too. Perhaps I’ll “reopen” it...


Photographing Nagato Led Me to Greater Treasure.
  I was trying to do the figure review photoshoots of the swimsuit Nagato Yuki that has been sitting around for months. I took her to the pool as usual. After I was done, I walked around the area testing out the capabilities of the 100 mm f2.8 macro lens on some flowers. Then I saw a hot girl! Such a...

Japanese Words of Anime Fans

   Needless to say, the hit movie 電車男[Train Man] is one of the major factors that dramatically changed the otaku’s image. The story features a love story between an otaku and a non-otaku young lady. Meanwhile, 腐女子彼女[My fujoshi girlfriend] features a love story(?) between a fujoshi...



Full Moe Panic!!!

Evangelion 1.01 screening: In your screening halls. SCREAMING ZOMG TEH REI!!!
  Leeching festival before the screening. The long march to the theater. Note: Shin has got his Kyonko shirt!! Time for mass production!!! Namelist of /as/ comrades. Emina: the organiser of this event. linkinstreet doing a gendou impersonation. and failing. Group Photo. (names are left to right and i...


Neon Genesis Evangelion  
Neon Genesis Evangelion


Sayoko the Combat Maid #6
 Isn’t that the narrator?


Naruto Manga Chapter 408: Eight-Tails Kalamari
 Post Author: BobThis was an interesting chapter because we now know exactly what Sasuke and Naruto will be doing for the next couple of chapters, and by “couple” I mean most likely a whole volume full. Sasuke is gonna take on the Eight-Tails black dude while Naruto is gonna get whipped into shape...



Josh's Anime Blog

Anime Review - ef - a tale of memories: 95.8%
 The Essentials Name: ef - a tale of memories Genre: Drama, Romance Episodes: 12 Released: October 6, 2007 - December 22, 2007 Based On: ef dating sims by Minori Director: Shin Oonuma Produced By: SHAFT US Distribution By: N/AMajor Japanese Cast Hiro Hirono: Hiro Shimono Miyako Miyamura: Hiroko Taguchi...


ef - a tale of memories  
ef - a tale of memories

Chewy Anime

TIP Update #1
  I have been ill these past few days, blissfully unaware until I became aware of it. I have recovered, however, and have gotten back to working on my TIP-related tasks. This is the prologue of TIP, one that has been delayed for several days due to said illness. —— The idea of a flawless...

Yukan Blog!

Macross Frontier - 14: Oh no, not another Bee Movie
  Snapshots from Omni since I didn’t want subtitles in my images (damn .avi files). Superb. This episode was really awesome, although at the beginning I couldn’t stop wondering when Alto-hime would finally rescue Ranka. I like the new side of Luca — ’twas very manly indeed....


Macross Frontier  
Macross Frontier

Moe Check!

Nanoha GamerS XIX - Well This Is Awkward
 This entry is part 19 of 19 in the series Nanoha GamerSHayate’s desk has no modesty panel.

Furu Anime Panikku

Cheers for this Busujima Saeko Poster
 I’ve yet to purchase a single issue of Dragon Age. Each time I headed down to Kinokuniya, it would have been sold out. However, I’m not going to let the August 2008 issue pass by me. Not when I saw the poster coming with it here, measuring 66cm by 98cm.Swordswomen in aprons are hawtThis poster...


Yuri News This Week - July 11, 2008
 While there's no huge news this week, there's a *lot* of Yuri-related news this week, so here we go!Yuri MangaSo, Seven Seas says that their Yuri line is fine, but many fans are frustrated and angry about their inability to *find* them. Even I have run into this. I've got some insight into the issue,...


Mononoke  Lucky☆Star  

Iwa ni Hana

Just a word on Ep. 14 of 'Itazura na Kiss'
  I was moved by this episode quite in spite of myself. The original manga series laid claim to being a 'Bible to dating' and I think it does hit the central issue of relationships in our supposedly liberated society, which seems to be teemed with people who give way to two things that produce...


Happiness!  Itazura na Kiss  
Happiness!Itazura na Kiss
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