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Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Tachikomatic Days

Kimaguren’s LIFE
  So in a bid to discover the awesome amounts of music I was introduced to in Japan and onboard the Fujimaru, I’ve been on a muzak spree as of late and filling my music library with feet-thumping songs. I was talking to one of my J-Music gurus (who shall be known as Y’z from now on) and she...


SHANNARO!!! goes to Facebook!!!
 Post Author: Laydee KayThis is really an unscheduled, unofficial blog that I didn’t plan and I don’t plan to cut into anyone’s blog spotlight time, [and Bob might kill me for doing so] but I’m not sure if any of the other Shannaro members alerted the others about this- so I decided...

Kurogane's Anime Blog

Negima! 226
Kurogane's Anime Blog
  Whoa! Asuna shows off the results of her training with Secchan. Are those Kanka sword attacks?! And Negi continues to the the smackdown on Fate. Meanwhile back to Racan Oh boy, that guy sure is kinky. Racan’s pretty darn GAR in a perverted way too. I salute him for ending the fight by just...



Furu Anime Panikku

Meeting Japanese Strangers
 My friend had to head to his part-time job again, so I settled dinner at an okonomiyaki shop nearby. It turned out that a surprise was awaiting me.While I was waiting outside the shop for a seat, there was this family waiting too. A shop attendant came out to take orders, and when it came

Sankaku Complex

Ivy Soul Calibur Cosplay Win
Sankaku Complex
  Most would agree this lady is one of the more convincing Ivy cosplayers, if not the physical embodiment of Soul Calibur’s top heavy whip wielding dominatrix. For comparison: The cosplay version certainly has more reasonable proportions, and may well be the winner? Source. More superior...
3:46pm - Japan and Everything Else

Japanese scientist teaches whale to talk
  They say dolphins and whales are among the smartest creatures in the sea. A professor at the prestigous Tokai University seems to think so too. Whales communicate through a process called echolocation, which basically means they emit a sound and listens for the echos for navigation as well as communication...
3:36pm - Japan and Everything Else

Capcom makes retro Mega Man 9 cartridge
  I’m a huge fan of classic gaming systems, and I thought this was a very cool move by Capcom. To celebrate the new, retro, Mega Man 9 release, you can head over to the Capcom store and buy the game complete with a classic Nintendo box and a replica NES cartridge. If you want a piece of this history...

Sankaku Complex

Cosplay Vote Not Want
Sankaku Complex
  Prime Ministerial hopeful Taro Aso, or “Rozen Aso”, hugely popular with the otaku constituency for his carefully cultivated Rozen Maiden obsession, was lent some unconventional “support” at a recent rally, by the cosplayer pictured above. His sign says “Cosplay Squad”....

Can you Moe? Season 2

Ga-rei: Zero ep1 screenshots: 식령 1화 스샷 공개
 Official website of Ga-rei has updated some screenshots of episode 1 on their "story" section. Honestly, screenshots are too small, but even from a tiny screenshots, I can tell that animation will probably look good. Anyways I've been wondering about.. 글 전체보기

Azure Flame

Autumn 2008 preview: clearing out the mediocrity to make room for…more mediocrity?

Otakurean? v2.0

Waseda Senior High “Run so high!”
  Earlier today i went to the 18th Waseda Shibuya senior high school festival and this year their theme is ” Run so high “. Finally after missing it for 2 damn years due to clash of schedule, i’m able to be there and it was well worth it.


ANBU: Power and secrets
 Post authors: Shino_Aburame & Silver_Uchiha The ANBU are the “black ops” of the shinobi’s towns, jounins that must protect the power of their village by any means, with no moral scruples: assassins, spies, hunters, specialist in torture. They are supposed to obey blindly to their...

Sankaku Complex

Boob Bakuhatsu Gallery
Sankaku Complex
  More appealing and well nourished Japanese ladies defying the averages, and in several cases the ability of their clothing to conceal themselves as well. Something of a continuation of the previous two galleries, Bust Breakout and Bosom Burst, here an which are sure to be of interest if ladies battling...

Star Crossed Anime Blog

Birdy the Mighty Decode - 12
  Short Synopsis: Syamalan + Ryunka = Destruction. Highlights: Awesome animation and music and a less annoying Senkawa. What more could you want? Overall Enjoyment Value: 8,5/10 Now this is more like it! Senkawa acted much less of a teenager in this episode, which made him much more enjoyable to watch....


Toshokan Sensou  Hataraki Man  Tetsuwan Birdy Decode  Noein  true tears  
Toshokan SensouHataraki ManTetsuwan Birdy DecodeNoein

Otakurean? v2.0

210908 dinner
  Ate dinner at home today and all of us try to be home for dinner also. Anyway today we had wu xiang , pig’s cheek, stir-fry veggie and “shark’s fin” melon soup. Not all are home cooked by my mom, the pig cheek’s is stall bought and the wu xiang is made by my aunty only...
Showing entries 171691-171705 of 258375 from 709 blogs.
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