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Sunday, June 29th, 2008

TedFox's Anime Reviews

Dablo III Announced Fans weep in rejoice
  By now you guys would have heard of the epic announcement blizzard blew the lid on over at the Blizzard 2008 Worldwide Invitational. That’s right Dablio III is coming baby! muahhaha. Gotta hand it over to blizzard though, they had this splash page with ice melting to reveal a pair of sinister...


Last Friends ep.08
  I meant to write this 2 weeks ago but obviously that didn't happen because I had more pressing thing to attend to. Unfortunately this means that I'm now 4 episodes behind, or rather, 3 episodes behind now that I've completed this one. I'm sorry for the brief summary but I can't possibly complete...

Can you Moe? Season 2

[R1] Rurouni Kenshin OVA: 바람의 검심 OVA
 I don't think I need an introduction for this series. If you talk about 90's shows, you cannot forget about 3 shows: Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, and Rurouni Kenshin. Packaging has UGLY ASS b.. 글 전체보기

Can you Moe? Season 2

[R1] Gunslinger Girl S1: 건슬링거걸 1기
 Let me say this first. Second season and first season are two different shows. Please do not think this is the same series. ~_~ That said, this show is amazing. Loli Girl meets Guns. Great animation, Heavy theme and lovely music.

Can you Moe? Season 2

[R1] Full Metal Panic! S1 & Fumoffu!: 풀매탈 패닉 1기 & 후못후!
 I loved this series. One of the best series that Gonzo has produced. Second season was funny as hell, too. I personally liked these two more than TSR. There's an unfortunate story behind t.. 글 전체보기

Can you Moe? Season 2

[R1] Evangelion Platinum + Movie: 에반게리온 리마스터 + 극장판
 If you are an anime-fan, you are bound to hear about this series. Greatest hits of all times. I bought the movie set form the Manga ent. and thinpak set from ADV. Luckily, both came with t.. 글 전체보기

Random Curiosity

Da Capo II SS - 13 (END)
Random Curiosity


D.C. II S.S. ~Da Capo II Second Season~  D.C. II ~Da Capo II~  
D.C. II S.S. ~Da Capo II Second Season~D.C. II ~Da Capo II~

Can you Moe? Season 2

[R1] Escaflowne Complete Box(TV+movie): 에스카플로네 컴플리트 박스(TV+극장판)
 Recently, HD remaster ver. of this series came out, but I'm not THAT interested in this series. Still, a decent series with great looking mecha and unique character design. I was really fond of the detailed setting of this show, too. One of the 90s anim.. 글 전체보기

Hynavian World

Change 123 - GAR Girlfriend Alert!
 Motoko looks like a bookworm, easy to bully and looks like the perfect high school victim that gangsters can pick on. That’s what boyfriend Kosukegawa thought when he saw a gangster dragging her to a deserted alley. Being a Kamen Rider fan who believes in justice, he enters the alley with the intention...

Yukan Blog!

Double Arts 14
 I is so cool.. I is eatin’ the foods and balancin’ it at the same time ^_^I think she’s just jealous of Kiri’s mad skills. Summary: With the three assasin’s of the Gazelle defeated, Elle contacts Martha the next morning for an update on their situation. Before Elle can say...

Anime on My Mind

holy boxcutters, batman!
 Thanks to our good friends at Ocha for pointing this out one.

The Scrumptious Anime Blog

My Biggest and Cheapest Manga Purchase Yet: Thank you Manga Kissa
  Partial view of the crapload of mangas I bought So yesterday I went to Manga Kissa, a local manga cafe in our area which is now closing down because their contract in the Philippines has ended (or so said the lady in the counter, or was she the manager?), whose existence I never really knew about until...


Naruto  One Piece  Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge  Vampire Knight  Skip Beat  
NarutoOne PieceYamato Nadeshiko Shichi HengeVampire Knight

The null set

More Fugly Anime Trash? or Derailed by Spore
  As you can see this isn’t my review of Kure-nai but it still is coming. I’ve been side-tracked this week and it’s thanks to Spore and it’s Creature Creator. Therefore, it’s getting a post along with a few odds’n'ends (and only one of them is anime related) so read...




Ichigo Mashimaro 2nd OVA Announced
  A second OVA project for Ichigo Mashimaro has been announced at Rondo Robe event in Tokyo. The anime series is currently in production and there is no further information on the release date. Source: Dengeki Moeoh Blog via 2ch News Navigator The series has always been one of my all time favorite. Can’t...


Ichigo Mashimaro  
Ichigo Mashimaro

Random Curiosity

Allison & Lillia - 13
Random Curiosity
  「そして二人は」 (Soshite Futari wa)"And The Two of Them" Episode at a Glance:Now married, Wil and Allison are living together in a worn down apartment in the country of Ikstanko like they discussed back in Lillane.
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