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Thursday, June 26th, 2008
8:09pm - Japan and Everything Else

Mega Man 9 coming?
  Kotaku pulled a gem from the boring Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification report doesn’t that name alone just sound boring? They spotted this: Later, the latest issue of Nintendo Power gave us what we had hoped for. The new Mega Man 9 is for sure coming out! Great news for Mega...

A Geek by Any Other Name

Roundup-tan: Can I Stop Talking About ADV Yet?
  12:30pm, and it’s already been a long day Anime: - I got an anonymous tip pointing me to this post by former PiQ editor Kevin Gifford talking about why the magazine (and other magazines) fail. In it he also mentions the status of his former employers: “the parent company is more-or-less...

Tenka Seiha

Magical Battle Arena — A Drill To Pierce The Heavens
  Ha HA! Deception in advertising! I’m at a loss for words regardless.. Apparently it’s an original character named Ruru (get it, dorirururu I think that just sprained my brain.) Why they didn’t just punt on it and use D4 Princess is beyond me, but allllllllllrighty. Maybe they realized...

Tenka Seiha

Slayers Revolution CM
 Leave it to JC"We hate making promotional material"Staff to wait until approximately 4 hours after I finish putting together my collection of CMs/PVs for the new season to finally start advertising Slayers. Those jerks. Still not sold on the cute thing, I far prefer Filia to some little floppy...


Akiba-chan Promo
 A new trailer for Akiba-chan (the figu-mation series coming in July) is up. I stopped by to have a look, and it's actually not as bad as it could be. The animation is fluid, and the expressions change pretty nicely. Unfortunately, the plastic look really isn't cutting it for me. It's hard enough for...

Minaide! Hazukashii...

wow, that was surprising
Minaide!  Hazukashii...
  Are reports of ADV’s demise exaggerated? I’m skeptical about the fact that the whole company is collapsing (I believe them when they say on AoD that the auctions are because they’re selling off the extra equipment from the divisions that they’re shuttering) because of a short...
7:19pm - Japan and Everything Else

Japanese Ministry’s Child Army
  Does the Japanese Ministry of Education have a secret plot to turn young Japanese children into hordes of super-hero clones that mindlessly following commands from power hungry commanders? It seems so. Japanese toy company People has partnered with the Japanese Ministry to create a new alarm clock aimed...

Anime on My Mind

meido pantheon: #9 siesta
 #9Siestaむね? むね?!Zero no Tsukaima“B” TierSiesta is the part-Japanese meido named after a Spanish word who lives as a commoner in a world parallel to ours. If not for meeting Saito, her life would have been just one of being a typical meido or maybe the toy of a rich nobel. After...


Megaman 9 - WiiWare Scans
 Original Artist website (NSFW)Rockman Perfect Memories has provided scans from Nintendo Power of the upcoming Megaman 9 WiiWare title. Names of the new bosses can be found after the jump

Nozomi (望み) - What is that you desire?

Moeside: Now with Business Cards
  And I have finally went to make a batch of name cards/business cards for myself in order to spread the idea of moe- I mean to reach out to a greater audience. Those who follow my blog will remember seeing this picture; it’s one of the photos which I had submiited for the SYPA 08 competition (I...

Anime Diet

Review: Speed Racer, The Next Generation
Anime Diet
  SynopsisA young racer gets off the bus, heading to his first day of school: but it’s not just any school, it’s a racing school. As you may well expect, this school (and this story) is basically a large tribute to the original Speed Racer. Why the original Speed Racer? Because now there is...


Kodomo no Jikan OVA - July 11th!
 Today the official Kodomo no Jikan TV website updated with some details regarding the new OVA that’s included with the limited-edition fifth volume of Kaworu Watashiya’s manga series — scheduled for release July 11th. The DVD will include 89-minutes of “uncensored” material...


Kodomo no Jikan  
Kodomo no Jikan

Josh's Anime Blog

Is a .anime domain coming soon to a domain registrar near you? Maybe
  And maybe .whatever as well: Web regulators were poised Thursday to usher in one of the biggest shake-ups in the Internet’s brief history in a crunch vote on allowing millions of new domain names, from .paris to .Pepsi. If the change is adopted, the web’s 1.3 billion users would be able...

Ogiue Maniax

Kaiba and What We Expect Out of Our Anime
  Kaiba is an unusual show amongst unusual shows. Its visual style is not like any anime airing on tv, it visuals existing somewhere between Tezuka and 60s manga, and the high art of Japanese artists such as Aoshima Chiho. Kaiba is different, and people will inform you of this fact. I’ve heard...




Kurau Phantom Memory Anime, Volume 5 (English)
 In Volume 5 of Kurau Phantom Memory, not only do Kurau and Christmas have to face the secret behind their situation, but Ayaka is also confronted with the ugly truth about her own life and loss.Despite the fact that all the characters are forced into sudden crises, there's really nothing that surprising...
Showing entries 172081-172095 of 249727 from 709 blogs.
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