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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

A Geek by Any Other Name

Quickie: Oh Yeah, FUNi Did Have Some News
  It just wasn’t actually announced at the con! FUNi as announced that they’ll be releasing Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles on Blu-Ray on September 2nd. But wait, there’s more! Featuring the definitive catalog of extras to date, FUNimation and Harmony Gold have held nothing back as...

Otaku Times

Adult Anime Producers Campaigning Against “Unauthorized” Content Sharing
  The Animation Co-Op Defense League (ACDL), a collective consortium of Adult Animation distributor’s and studio’s, has reported on it’s efforts to curb what it calls illegal distribution of adult animation (also known as Hentai). According to their press release, the consortium has...

A Gabriela Robin Site

Maaya Sakamoto Triangler Single Review
 purchase the album through CDJapanSo there, this is going to be short and sweet, as most of us have heard how Triangler sounds from the PV anyway. And lo and behold, it also sounds like that on record! Oh but seriously, the song has really grown on me and reminded me of one of the

T.H.A.T. Blog

THAT Blogging schedule for Spring 2008
T.H.A.T. Blog
  Dear readers and writers, As our blogging schedule is officially screwed, I am setting one up to accommodate everyone (and also to prevent massive orgies on some days). This is the tentative schedule, NOT subjected to change. This means you, THAT Anime Blogger, better follow it. The time in brackets...


Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch  Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch Season 2  Soul Eater  Macross Frontier  Nabari no Ou  Toshokan Sensou  Allison to Lillia  Kanokon  Junjou Romantica  Itazura na Kiss  Amatsuki  Kure-nai  Vampire Knight  
Code Geass Hangyaku no LelouchCode Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch Season 2Soul EaterMacross Frontier


The Animeme Project
 I figured that because lately I've been fascinated by the power of doujin works, mostly by watching random videos in idle time, I'd share to you some of them.As I said before, some of the best forms of entertainment may not necessarily come from the mainstream anymore. In this new age of freeform communication,...

Kurogane's Anime Blog

11.11111M GET is Hinagiku GET!
Kurogane's Anime Blog
  FUCK YES Hinagiku GET! WINGET IS WIN! ©2008 Kurogane's Anime Blog. All Rights Reserved..

Lunatic's Blog

Kalafina Re/oblivious interlude lyrics
 Lyrics to the 3 interludes from Kalafina’s Re/oblivious CD. If you spot some mistakes, do point them out in the comments, thanks. 『interlude 01』performed by Kalafina 夜明けへ急ぐ電車の窓 にもたれて堕ちてくる 星を集めて夢のパズル は欠片一つ足りなくて 同じようなものをみん...

Hontou ni Taihen Desu

The road to finanical ruin - A 2008 quarterly damage report
  With rising commodity and oil prices, I find my disposable income slowly shrinking with inflationary forces. Even though I’ve been driving for years, I never fail to feel the pinch every time I top up my vehicle since it’s the price of a 1/8 PVC figure. Even while enjoying the occasional...


ARIA  Canvas2  


Kyouran Kazoku Nikki ep.02
  This one is a lot better than the first episode. While the episode does have that after school message feel to it, at least it also comes with a generous amount of comedy. The animation takes a slight nosedive in the form of inconsistent character design. At one point some character's face looks...


Kyouran Kazoku Nikki  
Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

Minaide! Hazukashii...

trolling for fun and profit and lulz: forumwarz
Minaide!  Hazukashii...
  Forumwarz is a freeware web-based RPG. It is basically Internet: The Game. You play as either a camwhore, emo kid, or troll and go around getting quests from NPCs on Google Talk sTalk, grind dungeons troll forums, earn gold Paypal Flezz and experience cred, and level up your E-Peen. As you can tell,...

Nozomi (望み) - What is that you desire?

Living with Dreams
  ^ I know you dream to have 2 real life waitresses as hot as them. Mine too ^^; Not a usual post that comes from a blog site like this but I’ve been very lost ever since I’ve graduated from school. For those who’re wondering what’s with the post title, I have had dreams every...


Animeme: Kimikiss OP
 I love the Kimikiss opening sequence with a guilty passion. Its simplistic style and catchy music just really made it for me it's absolutely adorable! I'm quite sad that it didn't catch on as much as the other crossover meme spoofs, considering this is one easy-to-spoof video sequence for the video editing...


KimiKiss Pure Rouge  
KimiKiss Pure Rouge

Toachon's Anime Blog

Toachon's Anime Blog
 Well It’s confirm that the earliest I’ll be going overseas will be mid-may. Going for sea training I think I mention that in one of my previous post.. So this blog will NOT be updated at all for at least 6 months. =X

Anime Banzai

More Carameldansen ?
Anime Banzai
 This appears to be one of the best Caramel dansen videos i like.


Student Hit on Head In Hammer Throw Accident
  Here’s an example why playings sports is very dangerous. A unlucky 16 year old high school student was hit on the head by a 6-kg hammer at school during sports practice. As a result, he is now lying in a hospital in a coma. The incident happened in Adachi Higashi high school in Tokyo whereby...
Showing entries 172081-172095 of 242006 from 709 blogs.
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