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Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

The Scrumptious Anime Blog

[OT Plug] WordCamp Philippines Date and Venue, Lock On!
  Totally unrelated Gintama pic, except for the “news”paper something to brighten up this dull post. Just a random plug to get this news around. To all my fellow countrymen, [current and future] Wordpress bloggers and enthusiasts, I bring you good news of great joy! WordCamp is coming to the...
4:29pm - Japan and Everything Else

Tomohiro Kato: Akihabara killer details
  Lots of new details emerged since Sunday about the Tomohiro Kato Akihabara killings. Early on, the media turned their focus to the fact that he seemed to be a fan of doujinshi, military equipment, cars, and Miss Wide Open. Police found evidence of all of the above in his apartment, and of course, the...

Nakama Britannica

Confessions of a CLAMP fan.
   I love CLAMP, I freely admit it. ‘Cardcaptor Sakura’ was the first shojo anime series I remember seeing on UK TV (before ‘Sailor Moon’?) and even in its mangled US version, I fell in love with it and went straight out to search for the manga. From the elegant art nouveau drawings on the Clow...


Blood+  Trinity Blood  xxxHOLiC  
Blood+Trinity BloodxxxHOLiC

The null set

Why I Like Fansubs, Part 2
  Part 2 of why I like fansubs will talk about translations, honorifics, karaoke and font choice but first I read an interview that Otaking did recently and I wanted to comment on that before moving on.The interview with Otaking was a very interesting read and helps confirm some thoughts I had. Without...


Minami-ke  Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei  Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei  
Minami-keZoku Sayonara Zetsubou SenseiSayonara Zetsubou Sensei


[LianYL] Hello, Bots And Readers Alike
  The Research Institute for Unicultural Visual Arts has a traffic counter in the sidebar which reflects that this site has been accessed over 2 million times with a minimum of 10 people reading the blog at anytime. However, the comment count on the posts are getting scarcer by the day. tjhan has credited...

Ogiue Maniax

Vifam is a Tomino Show Alright
  3 episodes in and we already have a kamikaze attack.


Fate/Unlimited Codes Launches In Arcades
  Today is the official launch date of the arcade fighting game 「Fate/Unlimited Codes」. The games seems to be pretty cool. More screens can be seen at Dengeki Online. What I’m looking forward to is reading all the storylines for the various different characters.
2:58pm - Japan and Everything Else

Linda Linda Linda
  Just got finished watching Linda Linda Linda, and I must say I enjoyed it. The movie tells the story of 4 high school girls who start a band for their school’s gakuen-sai, or school festival. 3 days before the festival, their lead singer quits due to a disagreement with another band member Kei....


Bleach  Death Note  
BleachDeath Note


WITCHBLADE "Reina Soho" - 12" PVC Figure
 Organic Hobby, Inc in conjunction with GDH/TOPCOW proudly introduces its new products for the U.S. market, the incredible Witchblade "Reina Soho."




Seppuku In The Supermarket
  Here’s a scary and yet interesting piece of news: Of all the places you can think of, a lady decided that she would commit suicide via seppuku in the supermarket. She had stuck the knife in her belly and while being carried away by the paramedics, she confessed that she did it to herself. And...


1/8 Xecty PVC
  The Xecty PVC that I’ve been waiting for is finally available for preorder! As I’ve scooped previously, she is produced by Wave using some new technology whereby her body and clothes are soft. She is scheduled to be released in September, and will be retailing for 6,825 yen retail. There...


1/8 Yoko Ritona PVC [Space Version]
  Today preorders opened for this rather cool “space version” figure of Yoko Ritona from Gurren Lagann. She is scheduled to be released in September, and will be retailing for 5,880 yen. I kinda like the pose but I’m not a big fan of figures produced by Wave.

Sea Slugs! Anime Blog

Kamen no Maid Guy 07
Sea Slugs! Anime Blog
  Summary: There’s a tournament coming up, but Naeka wants to drop out of the competition. Why? Well, three years ago, Naeka faced a giant bear of a woman, Shugendou High’s Arayashiki Yoshie. Back then, Naeka called Yoshie manly and then accidentally tsuki’ed off Yoshie’s...


Kamen no Maid Guy  
Kamen no Maid Guy

Iwa ni Hana

Phil Mulloy: 'The Chain' and 'The Ten Commandments'
  Further to my earlier post on Phil Mulloy's animation short series Intolerance, I would like to introduce two other animation of his called The Chain and The Ten Commandments: The Chain This is what I made of the plot: A spill of ink on a piece of paper ismistaken for a genuine treasure map through...

The Anime Blog

Ninja Nonsense, Volumes Three and Four- With Complete Series Review
 Related Reviews Check out my reviews of Ninja Nonsense starting with Volumes One and Two. Pervy hijinks prevail in Volumes Three and Four of the hilarious, and oh so wrong, Ninja Nonsense! plot summary The nonsense is nonstop as the ninja go through the seasons of fall and winter. Kaede returns to school,...
Showing entries 172951-172965 of 248830 from 709 blogs.
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