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Thursday, July 24th, 2008


FLOW - WORLD END (Code Geass R2 2nd OP Theme)
  FLOW - WORLD END (48.6MB, PSP/Quicktime format) | YouTube version Code Geass returns full circle with this opening since FLOW was the first band that performs OP single for the series. I don't think the song is as good as COLORS but it's definitely better than other attempts at OP theme after COLORS....


Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch  Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch Season 2  
Code Geass Hangyaku no LelouchCode Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch Season 2

The Scrumptious Anime Blog

A Close Encounter with Nature and a Bunch of Chamomiles
  Excuse my reminiscence I had the luxury of going to Eden nature park during my Davao trip, together with the hamster chef and another friend of ours. We took this opportunity to go on a guided shuttle tour around the vast land of Eden, where we felt really close to nature as we roamed around its beautiful...


Toshokan Sensou  
Toshokan Sensou

Anime Diet

Slayer Revolution ep 04 - Does anyone remeber Amelia being so annoying?
Anime Diet
 snapshot20080725003740snapshot 20080725003750snapshot20080725 003816 I remember she was much less of an obstruction. But now she’s definitely getting on my nerves. Justice? Fuck that. Understanding? Fuck that. Protecting the forest (thus being an environmentalist) FUCK THAT. In addition to an annoying...

T.H.A.T. Blog

What happens behind every single season’s preview post?
T.H.A.T. Blog
  This is what happens behind every season’s THAT anime season preview. I was working on the fall season preview (I finished it but we will not post it until 1-2 weeks later when the other writers have their piece on it). This was an actual conversation on Yahoo Messenger with Maipeisu ten minutes...
4:32pm - Japan and Everything Else

Chubby Japan
  I think it’s safe to say as a whole, most of the world sees Japan and other Asian countries as very fit, and not chubby like the west. The most obvious factor is diet. Speaking as an American, I believe that most of us eat way to many carbs. If you don’t do the physical work to warrant eating...

Hynavian World

Kiss Yori Mo Hayaku Chapter 3 - Let’s Volleyball
 Remember the post where I recommend a super sweet romantic series on a teacher and his 16 year old bride? It’s back! It’s back! We finally get to see the scanlated version of chapter 3 on One Manga.This time, Fumino tries her best and stretch her limits so as to win a medal for the

Azure Flame

Antique Bakery parody episode 2
 Ono and Tachibana are preparing for the opening of the store. Tachibana has dressed in a waiter’s outfit and let stubble grow.Tachibana: I’ve always wanted to dress up like this! Don’t get any idea, though, this most definitely isn’t HARD GAY cosplay or anything.Ono: Don’t worry- I’m a patient...


Antique Bakery  
Antique Bakery

Nozomi (望み) - What is that you desire?

Conquer your loli tendencies
  Maka Albarn is


SHANNARO!!! MANGA CHAPTER 9: “The Power Of Earth”
 Post Authors: White Shinobi & Chaosl Manga Ch1 l Manga Ch2 l Manga Ch3 l Manga Ch4 ll Manga Ch5 l Manga Ch6 l Manga Ch7 l Manga Ch 8 l the Genkage’s decision, which, indeed, bought them some time may cost them in human livesShadow ninja : Time to get serious!Naruto Uzumaki: Oh?

Sea Slugs! Anime Blog

How To Defib A Dead Horse
Sea Slugs! Anime Blog
  From Otou-san: So I reached out to some animu bloggers in America — people you probably know — to get their takes on this issue that just doesn’t seem to want to go away. The fansub topic is one that comes up in cycles, and I’ve already said my piece before. I think we are way past the...


MegaDaijoubu 2.40: Filling…, I mean Fillers, Suck!

The Animanachronism

How I Failed Axiology 101
  Objectively not great, but emotionally 3x better than any other AMV. The (dis)connection between love for anime and anime’s good quality is something that’s been bouncing around in my head for a while, and Demian’s recent post on ‘Liking Bad Anime’ (hopefully to be followed...


Toshokan Sensou  Kaibutsu Oujo  
Toshokan SensouKaibutsu Oujo

Unity Mei
  You voted for being the best figurine blog so it will continue to be my destiny to bring you even more exclusive yummy goodies direct from the makers. It gives me great pleasure in bringing you the first detailed shots to be published of Good Smile Company's Unity Mei. But just before...


2:38pm - Japan and Everything Else

Manual vending machine
  Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the plastic doors of soda vending machines? Here’s a pretty funny video about a manual vending machine in Japan. Even if you can’t understand Japanese, you can get the gist of what’s going on. Basically the girl is annoyed by having to do...

The Blue Fox Alley

Kara No Kyoukai: Tsuukaku Zanryuu
  Hey Shiki Is there nothing in this world that could possibly put a smile on your face?Hmm.Silly boy! Of course there is!Alright, it is official. Everyone in this show is crazy! Touko either has a great understanding of Shiki or she is just nuts for letting Shiki go after Fujino while knowing how dangerous...


Kara no Kyoukai  
Kara no Kyoukai
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