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Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Anime Banzai

Who are you rooting for in Saimoe 2008?
Anime Banzai
 It’s kinda obvious who I’m rooting for. So just to show a little support for my favourite character, I summoned up whatever photoshop skill I could find to make a banner for her.The Hatsune Miku one is done by my friend inferno0748 who is also slowly finding his way through the wonders of...

Star Crossed Anime Blog

Kaiba - 11
  Short Synopsis: Popo continues his plans to overthrow the heavens. Highlights: This is what you get if you build up properly Overall Enjoyment Value: 9,5/10 Holy crap! This episode was utterly utterly incredible. The best episode of Kaiba yet, and with an already incredible series, that HAS TO SAY...


Kaiba  Shion no Ou  Kemonozume  
KaibaShion no OuKemonozume

Moe Check!

Take Your Shots
 On the upside, my fever has gone down. On the downside, my whole body aches for no discernable reason, like a full-body carpal. I do not think anyone really wants to witness the somewhat unique chains of logic which come unbidden to my drug-addled mind.Hopefully I shall be back at full vocabulary capacity...
1:29pm - Japan and Everything Else

Chinese restaurant’s BIG mistake
  By now you must be familiar with Engrish the act of Japanese people and companies trying to use English when they don’t have a full understanding of the words. Using English words in everyday life, especially on signs is a popular practice all over Japan and Asia. Unfortunatly, this Chinese restaurant...

Japanese Words of Anime Fans

ローアングル[low angle] (*´Д`*)ハァハァ
     If you happen to be a photographer or love to take a picture, you might be sure of this. Well, although this term could be well-known among photographers, it started to be famous since the certain incident which happened in Akihabara a while ago  On Sunday afternoon, the main boulevard used to...


Negima!?  School Days  KimiKiss Pure Rouge  
Negima!?School DaysKimiKiss Pure Rouge


Today In Purchasing…
 I normally try to shy away from doing too many “look what I got” posts unless I have something to say about what I’ve actually bought, largely because I tend to feel that they fall somewhere between needless blog filler posts and needless showing off. Sure, I’m certainly not beyond...
1:10pm - Japan and Everything Else

Lego Sushi
  I had the craving for sushi a few nights ago, but never made it out. But Mona came to the rescue with her Lego Sushi find. It didn’t satisfy my hunger, but it definitely made me smile. The lego sushi is very well done, and features your popular varieties including different maki, and nigiri rolls....

Japanophile Isle

Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora- 01
Japanophile Isle
  What is precious to a mage?I’ve been waiting for this anime for a very long time. Original series to this day remains of of my favorite anime of all time, not to mention Slice of life mixed with magical realism is my favorite genre. After falling in love with the first series I followed the characters...


ARIA  Sketchbook ~Full Color's~  Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~  
ARIASketchbook ~Full Color's~Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~

Star Crossed Anime Blog

Itazura na Kiss - 01 - 15 - or: what the heck happened here?
  I just finished watching episode fifteen of this series, and I’ve got too many thoughts about this series and I don’t feel like waiting for this series to end to share them. It’s just too much of a shame to see that a series that I once loved for its witty humour degraded so much...


Moyashimon  Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge  Itazura na Kiss  
MoyashimonYamato Nadeshiko Shichi HengeItazura na Kiss
12:46pm - Japan and Everything Else

Dragonball Movie Poster
  A new Dragonball movie post was released by the Sankei Shimbun paper which shows the lead actor Justin Chatwin standing in Goku’s trademark orange gi. The Kanji on the poster literally means “The legend comes to life.” Also you may notice the opening date worldwide on the bottom. We...

Random Curiosity

The Daily Dose
Random Curiosity
 Both Tsubasa Chronicle and xxxHOLiC are getting Original Animation DVD (OAD) releases with upcoming volumes of their respective manga in a new CLAMP and Production I.G project. The first one, an xxxHOLiC episode, will come out with volume 14 of the xxxHOLiC manga in January of 2009, and the subsequent...


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann  Umineko no Naku Koro ni  School Rumble  xxxHOLiC  Tsubasa Chronicle  
Tengen Toppa Gurren LagannUmineko no Naku Koro niSchool RumblexxxHOLiC

Otaku Times

Figures 2.0 - Augmented Reality Cyber Maid
  I have always thought that augmented reality - the mixing of the real and virtual worlds - was a really interesting field, and it now looks like some companies in the otaku sphere are taking note too. Geisha Tokyo Entertainment Inc. have just announced a new product based on the technology which they...

Kakumei :: Mina's Anime Blog

Strike Witches - Episode 1
  Strike Witches seems closely related to Sky Girls, though so far I prefer the latter. It had so much more charm from the beginning while Strike Witches is more or less childish. It's strange the girls are flying in ths sky with only magical "feet" and it's exaggerated they sound like big helicopters...


Strike Witches  Sky Girls  
Strike WitchesSky Girls

Bokutachi no BLOG

Natsume Yuujinchou episode 2
 While it may not be my favorite show of the season, I’ve decided to blog Natsume Yuujinchou. My reason being that Natsume is easier to blog as you can discuss it a lot more than something like Birdy the mighty Decode. Birdy you just sit back and watch the sparks fly, blogging it seems a

Kakumei :: Mina's Anime Blog

Sekirei - Episode 1
  Sekirei got on my nerves within minutesnot to say seconds. I'll leave this show to all the male bloggers out there ^_~


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