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Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Lunatic's Blog

CD: Sound Horizon 6th Story CD “Moira”
 New Sound Horizon Story CD with a plethora of old (Haruka Shimotsuki yay!) and new vocalists (Minami Kuribayashi 0_0). September 3, 2008.6th Story CD 「 Moira 」 Sound Horizon2008.09.03 : KICS-91363/KICS-1363冥王 (8:08)人生は入れ子人形 (7:19)神話...

Lunatic's Blog

WHITE-LIPS “Uranafu hana wa chirinuredo ” lyrics
 “Asaki, Yumemishi” insert. If you spot errors, do point them out in the comments. 「うらなふ花は散りぬ れど」performed by WHITE-LIPS 月の光が降りてきて  わたしを優しく包む愛 の言葉を唄にして あ なたへと伝えよう優し い瞳に見つめられて ...

J-List Side Blog

It's Tough Being an Expat in Japan
 Being an expat in another country involves making certain compromises you'd never consider at home. In Japan, it means giving up familiar things like good American peanut butter for the triple-sweet stuff they sell here, or drinking at a bar where the most exotic beer on the menu is Budweiser, or knowing...

J-List Side Blog

About Kanji and Land
 One of the stranger aspects of Japan's kanji-based writing system is the way many people lose some ability to write characters as they get older, although reading skill is generally not affected. I can read around 2500 kanji, including both the kun (Japanese) and on (Chinese) readings of most characters....

J-List Side Blog

Cool Items: Wednesday, August 13, 2008
 Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see...


Black Cat  
Black Cat

ARIA Anime アリア アニメ

[PS3] Sackboy Japan
  Upcoming Little Big planet PS3 game promotion in Japan with a Life Sized Sack Boy and a Kawaii (cute) girl. Visit Gamekyo for more pics. [ext links] [Via NeoGAF] man-sized-sackboy-terrorizes-j apan-with-cuteness/

Otakurean? v2.0

I thought i were to be helpful
  I thought i’ll be helpful and help my mom move some papers to her car so she can bring it over to her company and use. Turns out the help wasn’t appreciated and given a few words of “advice” to top that off. 

Lunatic's Blog

Ichiru Takizawa “Shizume Uta” lyrics
 “Asaki, Yumemishi” ED. Not really sure about the title romanization If you spot errors, do point them out in the comments. 「鎮命歌-しずめうた -」performed by Ichiru Takizawa 金色(こんじき)の波 ゆさす時渡る 彷徨い 人永き旅路の果て輝く 月へと還るいとしき ...

Lunatic's Blog

Ichiru Takizawa “Asaki, Yumemishi” lyrics
 “Asaki, Yumemishi” OP. If you spot errors, do point them out in the comments. 「あさき、ゆめみし」 performed by Ichiru Takizawa 導かれるように この 道を辿った閉ざされた 世界は まだまどろみ 懐かしく痛む この胸 に残る絆あなたの面影...

Star Crossed Anime Blog

Wind - A Breath of Heart Review - 77,5/100
  I first became interested in Wind - A Breath of Heart after this guy gave it a surprisingly positive review. After watching it, I can understand why. Wind is a typical series that’s short (it’s only got 13 episodes of fifteen minutes), simple, but effective. It doesn’t start out...

Anime Figures
  I think this is the biggest pile O SAFS that I've acquired so far ^^;; Lets wizz through the latest bunch. Mikuru Nendoroid. Melissa Seraphy Nendoroid Devil version that was on sale at the Wonfes. "A member of Zeed" from Revoltech's Fist of the North Star series. Kenshiro from the same Revoltech...


Hokuto no Ken Raoh Gaiden Ten no Haoh  
Hokuto no Ken Raoh Gaiden Ten no Haoh

Anime on My Mind

five images: medals for screenshots
 Wait, so I bring my date to a cafe, and they'll costume rape her into a meido outfit for me? Yet another reason why Japan is superior to the United States in both artistry and execution. All we get at Starbucks is crappy music and two hours of slow, free wi-fi.

Tea Shop BeLoved

Ramble: Hidamari Sketch x 365 - 06


Hidamari Sketch  
Hidamari Sketch

welcome datacomp

Instant Manga Reviews: Melty Blood and The World’s Best Surgeon
  I caught something at Otakon and I’m still feeling kinda bad, but I’ll try to get enough power to write it up by listening to No Border on repeat (although kransom and others pretty much got all you’d care about). Meanwhile, here’s some stuff I meant to post about ages ago. Melty...


Blood+  Fate/stay night  Kara no Kyoukai  Yakitate Japan  
Blood+Fate/stay nightKara no KyoukaiYakitate Japan

Neko Kyou's OSiRiS ANiMe

Code Geass Going Beyond Expection
  Kinda reminds you of Gundam catapult launches, doesn’t it? This has got to be the best episode ever for Code Geass. We have crazy non-stop action between the Knights of Round and the Black Knights. We are also given yet another reminder as to why Code Geass will NEVER have a good ending. The...


Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch  Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch Season 2  
Code Geass Hangyaku no LelouchCode Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch Season 2
Showing entries 173161-173175 of 256322 from 709 blogs.
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