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Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Tiamat's Anime and Manga Reviews

Yen+ where to buy in the UK
  Okay, after running around and around COMAG sent me a website as to where you can buy either individual copies of Yen+, or a 12 month subscription. However there is a downside, it’s bloody expensive!! A single issue of Yen+ will set you back £5.94 and a 12 month subscription will set you back...

Anime Banzai

Where is oOgA-san ?
Anime Banzai
 No.i wasn’t kidnapped by Kyou-samaYou  might have realized that saimoe results are not updated and lack of news over the past few days. Yup, it is that time again in work where I am busy at work and not able to concentrate on other things properly.Anime Banzai! is still ongoing although for the...


Special A in English
 Special A Fandub - How to be a CoupleUploaded by CobaltKnightNot for those averse to the English language slapped on Japanese cartoons. O:--Ou-bentovar gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www.");document.write( unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "'...

Random Curiosity

Xam’d Lost Memories - 08
Random Curiosity
 Summary:Following Akiyuki's trail, Nakiami finds his backpack in Zuizo's home, but there's no one actually around.


Headphones & Thighhighs
  Seems like girls in headphones is one of the latest almost-fetish interests. I’m here to cater to that. I’ll also throw in some skirt, thighhighs and glasses in for free!  Gadget-nerd note: the headphones are very similar to the nice AKG K240 model. Unknown artist.

Tenka Seiha

Cobra - The Psycho Gun #01 — How Creative…
  Yet another godawful 80s remake. Where have I seen something like this before? Impressions: Is it just me or has the number of decent OVAs been on a steady decline lately? Animation quality for them seems to be hitting the crapper and there are just very few of them in general. The only even really...


Golgo 13  
Golgo 13

Good Smile Company
  It gives me great pleasure to announce the beta launch of the English Good Smile website at Furthermore, we have decided to announce this to readers first ^o^ Some of you are helping me work with Good Smile doing the translations and I wanted to involve you again in...

When Anime Past Meets Present

Super Robot Wars Z PV 2
  At last!Some Story And System Stuff Followed By Big O’s Launch Sequence (Cast In The Name Of God Ye Not Guilty Makes An Appearance And I Immediately Started Doing Backflips) Some Original Unit Stuff And A Few Other Not So Important Clips Such As The Impulse Gundam.  For Whatever Reason The...


Kidou Senshi Gundam 00  Eureka Seven  Super Robot Taisen: OG Divine Wars  
Kidou Senshi Gundam 00Eureka SevenSuper Robot Taisen: OG Divine Wars

Tea Shop BeLoved

Ramble: Shugo Chara - 46
  Bala-balance~ Because sometimes, buses explode Episode 46 felt like an oddball compared the last 45 episodes. It might be because it was just Amu and Rima and pretty much nothing about the episode related to the overlaying plot (save for the X egg). No Easter, no embryo, no Guardians, no neko boy in...


Hayate no Gotoku!  Karin  Shugo Chara!  
Hayate no Gotoku!KarinShugo Chara!

Neko Kyou's OSiRiS ANiMe

Slow Updates
  You might have noticed that the updates here have been slowing down over the past month or so. That is because I’m going through a rather hectic period and also because I’ve started playing Ragnarok Online again. While RO does take up a lot of my time, it’s not the main reason that...


Strike Witches 9: or Macross Frontier 21
  I've seen this scene before involving a certain green hair girl and her pet. I know I have asked for some assemblance of a plot before, but I’d never thought that when I do see it, I’d be watching Déjà vu. The cliffhanger from last episode turns out to be one big anti-climatic teaser that...


Blood+  Macross Frontier  Strike Witches  
Blood+Macross FrontierStrike Witches

Otaku Times

Max Payne Joining The Live Action Fun
  Looks like everyone’s favorite “man with nothing to lose” is back on the prowl, this time, in a live action film. FOX, The same people bringing you the (in)famous Dragon Ball live action adaption will be unleashing Max Payne (Mark Wahlberg) upon us this October 17th. Adapted from the...

Sea Slugs! Anime Blog

Zero no Tsukaima 3 08
Sea Slugs! Anime Blog
  Summary: So Colbert combined a boat with a sea plane to make the giant Ostland, named after the wintry lands to the east. Back when Colbert supposedly died, really Tabitha cast a spell to make it look like Colbert had flatlined. Later in the confusion, Kirche grabbed Colbert’s body out of...


Zero no Tsukaima  Zero no Tsukaima ~Princess no Rondo~  
Zero no TsukaimaZero no Tsukaima ~Princess no Rondo~

Random Curiosity

Random Curiosity
  「脱出前夜」 (Dasshutsu Zenya) "The Night Before the Escape" After hearing about how Haruka and Kuno first met, Kazehana is overjoyed at the idea of them being in love and tells "Munou-chan" that she doesn't have to feel ashamed about not fighting.




FigmAction Special (bis)
  I am terribly sorry guys, but Yuki is still very busy you know. And she is once again not able to continue the story she started to read Oh but don’t worry. Haruhi gave up the idea to hunt aliens with monstrous weapons. So, what’s in that large suitcase? Do you remember how Haruhi was excited...
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