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Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Minimum Tempo

Three words to describe Geass R2 22
Minimum Tempo
  This show sucks. Bonus words: Best part of the whole episode. Also, other potential three words to explain R2 22: Fuck this show. What the fuck? (7:45:27 PM) sentinel011: IcyStorm> It’s Fucked Up

Crystal Tokyo Anime Blog

Daddy Long Legs 32 review, why don’t they understand me?
         This episode begins with Judy writing Daddy a letter about her goal of receiving a scholarship to college, she also tells him that she has received some scholarship applications to college due to he writing skills. Later on, Judy and Sallie both get invitations to a party being held at...

The Scrumptious Anime Blog

[OT Plug] Graphite ‘08 - The Colours of Life Manga Art Competition
  I’m not sure how effective this little ad promotion can be, considering that I am neither a Singaporean nor an aspiring artist, but since there’s no harm in getting this word spread, why not, right? This pic is already readable in this size, but in case you want to see the BIGGER picture,...

The Blue Fox Alley

Is There Such A Thing As A Superior Genre?
  This struck me in the midst of a conversation that I had with a particular friend while discussing about our favorite anime shows. As we were talking about favorites, the discussion eventually led to ‘genres’ as my friend spearheaded it with his statement that none of his top picks are...


Myself; Yourself  true tears  
Myself; Yourselftrue tears

Ex-Fansubber Hitorigoto

Slayers Revolution - 11
Ex-Fansubber Hitorigoto
  This episode was such a drag I couldn’t keep my attention focused. First they’re fighting Jennifer (I mean Zaniffar) then Jennifer blows a beam and runs off and 5 minutes later everyone is eating standard anime meat(tm). So while they’re eating and sleeping Jennifer runs around with...


Slayers Revolution  
Slayers Revolution

Manga Maniac Cafe

Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol 2 by Nozomu Tamaki Manga Review
  Title: Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol 2 Author: Nozomu Tamaki Publisher: Seven Seas ISBN: 9781933164816 May Contain Spoilers This is a tough one to call. I really want to like it, because the conflicts between humans and vampires have so many possibilities. I know that I would be a little apprehensive...


HappySoda vol. 1
  It’s like half a year since I decided I’d put together an anime figure photo book, but a week ago I started it up again and the interior is ready to upload to, who I’ll be using for printing. All that’s left is deciding which cover to use. Part of the holdup was I...
1:15am - Japan and Everything Else

7.2 earthquake hits Hokkaido Japan
  A powerful 7.2 earthquake has hit northern Japan. The eastern coast of Hokkaido was the center of the quake. Earlier a 6.6 earthquake hit eastern Indonesia. Both areas are under tsunami warnings. No immediate details about damage or death have been reported. The last time a quake of this magnitude has...

Josh's Anime Blog

Nijuu Mensou no Musume - Episode 14
  It’s Nijuu Mensou no Musume episode 14, and Ken and Chiko have to try to keep the blimp from crash landing into the city. Meanwhile, Tome confronts Chiko’s mother. Go Straight to the Screenshots | Go Straight to the ReviewThis episode picks up right where the last one left off, with Twenty...

Ogiue Maniax

また馬から落ちてしまった: Continuing Adventures in JLPT2 (Non-)Studying
  I’ve registered for the JLPT2, which happens December 7th, 2008. As a reminder, registration ends around September 20th, so get a move on it if you plan on seeing just how much Japanese you know while under the pressure of a test environment with a test purposely designed to fool you. After Otakon,...

The Kawaii Menace

Animated music
  Cartoon Brew notes that today is the centenary of Raymond Scott’s birth, whose music is “genetically encoded in every earthling.” If you spent your childhood Saturday mornings watching Bugs Bunny, you know this tune. Here’s a radio show about Raymond Scott, featuring Irwin Chusid...

When Anime Past Meets Present

Ladies And Gentleman, Give A Warm Welcome To The Players (Gundam 00 Cast Update)
  Since there’s spoilers right at the bottom I’m keeping all the details inside.  Read on if you dare or just wait the 3 weeks.  The choice is yours.  Also here to offset the usual Gundam the Gundaming by myself, special guest commentator Deathkillz.  Clockwise From Top Left:Andrei Smirnov:...


Kidou Senshi Gundam 00  
Kidou Senshi Gundam 00

Calamitous Intent

Macross Frontier 22 - Northern Cross
  Excellent, that chair from Ikea should collapse on him any second now. The magnificently evil Grace plays nicey nice with Leon and tells him she as surprised as he was that Brera took off on his own and ignored orders. I’m not sure if Leon believes her or not but he has more pressing matters...


Blood+  Macross Frontier  
Blood+Macross Frontier


Kurau Phantom Memory Anime, Volume 6 (English)
 Hey, look at that! The Large Hadron Collider started spinning particles around and, inexplicably, mini black holes did not suddenly split time and space open and destroy the world. I'm sure you're as shocked as I am that the world refused to be destroyed yet *again*. It's so irritating of the world,...


Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai  
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai

Sankaku Complex

Schoolgirl Exposure Gallery
Sankaku Complex
  This gallery focuses on the Japanese high schooler, with the Vippers having given it a strong slant towards the voyeuristic or exhibitionistic side of things. Perhaps it is best not to inquire too deeply into the process by which some of the more realistic photographs here were taken; still, at least...
Showing entries 173161-173175 of 258869 from 709 blogs.
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