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Sunday, July 27th, 2008


Strike Witches 2: What I Can Do
 It’s just what I feared: I took up too much anime series that a single hiatus strains me so much about having to catch up. Aggravating a feat it may be, but doable, hopefully.The ep continues further on the encounter left off, as Yoshika is sent to the sickbay as the Naval Fleet of Aircraft Carrier...


Strike Witches  
Strike Witches

Minimum Tempo

[51] The Price of Pragmatism
Minimum Tempo
  ↩[LWC 50] This is a guest article written by lelangir in response to the July 2008 Minimum Tempo article, “[Dinner Discussion] Manga aisle freeloaders.” I buy most of my music. Anime OST’s I usually don’t buy unless they really warrant a purchase – i.e. Honey & Clover insert...

A Geek by Any Other Name

Correction on Amano’s ‘Shinjuku’
  Yesterday I reported at the Dark Horse panel that Yoshitaka Amano and Mine’s Shinjuku had been licensed, but it looks like I misread the slide– according to Dark Horse’s MySpace blog, it’s Mink, not Mine. (Hey, it was a really dark slide, and then Bruce Campbell appeared and...

Nozomi (望み) - What is that you desire?

Anime Paperchild
  She’s waiting for you While surfing a couple of image boards just a few hours back, I came across a category of images which has been tagged ‘paper child’. I don’t really know how to explain paper child with descriptive words, but I can briefly say that it is actually paper...

Anime Banzai

The Banzai Beat Episode 20: Were an anime show right?
Anime Banzai
 website | Forums | Digg Us | Twitter Patz | Twitter Jellokun | Subscribe via iTunesWe are back we are back throw open your doors and shout it loud and proud!!episode 20 was kind of a mash of things, we had Icy Storm join us this week he gave us information from being at A-X,...
3:04pm - Japan and Everything Else

Akihabara’s vehicle-free street to reopen?
  Could Akihabara’s vehicle-free street come back? Akibablog pointed out that earlier signs announcing the close of vehicle-free street are now gone. The vehicle-free street had been closed since June 15th, and had been the first time being closed since it started in 1973. July 27th marks the 49th...


WordCamp Philippines 2008
 I first read of this from the omniscient bunny, usagijen. I’ve also only read of the online registration from hazy (thank you very much). Since I recently discovered that there’s a limit of only 350 participants (also from hazy), I also rushed to register (just like her). I’ve been...
2:47pm - Japan and Everything Else

Japan objects to Olympic baseball rules
  The new baseball rules for the 2008 Beijing Olympics has team Japan manager Senichi Hoshino very upset. The new rules state that during the 11th inning, each team will begin with a runner on first and second base. This was done to prevent long drawn out games. The Olympic Committee issued this announcement...

The Soapbox at the End of the World Review Blog

Toshokan Sensou end: B-list anime done well
  This is one occasion where I make a distinction between ‘A-list’ and ‘B-list’ titles - in practice, it’s a difference between checking torrents lists and online DVD stores for the latest bunch of episodes daily or catching up when I have a day or two going spare. If I hadn’t watched...


NEEDLESS  ARIA  Moyashimon  Toshokan Sensou  
NEEDLESSARIAMoyashimonToshokan Sensou


The Girl who Leapt Through Time: one of the best films ever
 It’s been a long while since I’ve physically gone to cinema-houses to watch movies. Today seemed to be the best time: ate usagijen planned to go; it was a Sunday; and I basically had nothing to do. It was also the final day of the Anime Matsuri and consequently, of the showing of Toki wo...

Josh's Anime Blog

Anime Review - That Cat Returns: 90.6%
 The Essentials Name: The Cat Returns Genre: Fantasy, Adventure Episodes: N/A Released: July 20, 2002 Based On: The Cat Returns manga by Aoi Hiiragi Director: Hiroyuki Morita Produced By: Studio Ghibli US Distribution By: Walt DisneyMajor Japanese Cast Haru: Chizuru Ikewaki Baron: Yoshihiko Hakamada Muta:...

ARIA Anime アリア アニメ

REsident Evi Degeneration - Comic Con 08
  RESIDENT EVIL Degeneration comic con 08 Uploaded by 1nakata Check out the latest RE: Degeneration trailer show by CAPCOM here. Oh it stars Leon S. Kennedy. Crowd went wild seeing him appear. The 3d CG looks good and I think it keeps to the feel of the RE Games. [ext links]

ARIA Anime アリア アニメ

Batman Dark Knight
  Came back from watching Dark Knight, I know I am a little late to see the movie it took some time off anime watching for a while, but I am glad I did. Impressions: I am truly impressed with the movie, it was a really thrilling ride. My take on the movie is that Batman Dark Knight and Batman Begins,...


Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Movie  
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Movie

The Pink Sylphide

Cardcaptor Apparel: Pajamas and Rollerblades
  While Tomoyo provides costumes for Sakura to wear when capturing Clow Cards (and other magical excursions), Sakura’s first capture takes place before Tomoyo knows about Sakura’s Cardcaptor position. Instead, Sakura sets out at night in her pajamas, wearing her rollerblades and protective...

Yukan Blog!

Taking Action Against Live-Action adaptations
  Before I go on hiatus, I want one last rant before I go Now I don’t mind the odd adaptation of a manga into live action, and the new Dororo samurai movie looks awesome, but when live action versions of ANIME masterpieces are in the works? I got word that they’re making a live action Akira...
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