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Saturday, September 6th, 2008


Consumers X Producers = What Are You, a Fanatic?
  The short take– Fans: Hobbyists: The long take–

Tenka Seiha

Penguin Girl ♥ #12 — That’s Right! 12! Finally!
  Oh god, I missed you, Pengy. Impressions: Well, a little more of a reintroduction episode and I’m amazed that they actually tried to connect the world destroying events of episode 11 into something sort of resembling continuity. It could have definitely used a bit more humor, but it was a decently...


Penguin Musume Heart  
Penguin Musume Heart


Prinnies Featured In Their Own Game On PSP
  Having been a favorite background character for so many series in Disgaea, the prinnies are finally getting their own game on the PSP. The game is called “Prinny: Ore ga Shujinko de iinsu ka? [プリニー ~オレが主人公でイイ んスか?]” Players will get to “control...


Asobit Setup PM Fukuda Special Corner
  Following the recent sudden resignation of Japan’s Prime Minister Fukuda, Asobit stores has been setting up a special corner dediacted to selling Fukuda-themed goodies. These products are all manufactured by Daito. And Asobit had also previously created a similar stand when former PM Shinzo Abe...

Ani-Nouto (アニ・ノート)

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 01
Ani-Nouto (アニ・ノート)
  I remember some discussions in context of American visual entertainment, which dealt with the question if a market for wholesome movies existed. Obviously, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (Haruka Nogizaka’s Secret) is an attempt to measure the same market empirically. Otherwise, why bother with rehashing...


Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu  
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu


VIZ Pictures releases DEATH NOTE Live Action Feature Film
 DEATH NOTE Coming on DVD!!!


Death Note  
Death Note

Full Moe Panic!!!

Klan Klan (1/8) Preview.
  YAKK DECULTURE!!!!!!!!!!! Hmm. Another quality production from Alpha Omega and priced at an affordable 5775 yen it would make a suitable christmas gift to lolicons and Frontier fans alike. The release date of the figure is currently set in late November.Really tempted to just push the order button...

Jii~ A Lovely Stare.

A Breath of Fresh Green
  Hello. This is a new start for Jii~. I just wanted something new.

Can you Moe? Season 2

Samurai 7 Blu-ray Box this Dec: 사무라이7 블루레이 박스세트 12월
 Headline says it all. Samurai 7 from Gonzo will have a Blu-ray Box set release this coming December. With a price tag of $79.98 MRSP, this is a must get for Samurai 7 anime fans. Video resolution 1080p. Seriously, Funimation, you guys rock my world. -_.. 글 전체보기

T.H.A.T. Blog

Strait Jacket (OVA)
T.H.A.T. Blog
 “Need a light?” -Terran Firebat Composed of 3 episodes, each about 27 minutes long, Strait Jacket takes a melancholic look into a world where magic and science coexist. Like a fusion between Full Metal Alchemist, D.Gray-man, and Claymore, the setting needs only a small introduction in order...


Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai  D.Gray-man  Claymore  
Kami nomi zo Shiru SekaiD.Gray-manClaymore
Friday, September 5th, 2008

Hop Step Jump!

Site Maintenance
  You might have noticed some performance issues around here this past week. Unfortunately, I never managed to isolate the problem. This morning, I got tired of scratching my head and settled on the scorched earth option. I backed up the database, wiped the directory, did a new Wordpress install, imported...

Full Moe Panic!!!

Macross Frontier 22: Northern Cross
  The triangle is now at a crossroad. Island 1. Formerly the heart of Frontier but is now a devastated wasteland. Ranka oh Ranka where art thou Ranka? Homolust levels OVER 9000. So, a terminal case of V-type infection allows you to sing to Vajra? Kinda cool but not something I’d trade my life for....


Macross Frontier  
Macross Frontier

Manga Maniac Cafe

  VIZ PICTURES ANNOUNCES DVD RELEASE OF LIVE-ACTION DEATH NOTE FEATURE FILM Highly Anticipated Supernatural Action Mystery Based On Popular Manga And Animated Series And Features New English Dialogue Track And Special Bonus Material San Francisco, CA, September 5, 2008 – VIZ Pictures, an affiliate...


Death Note  Densha Otoko  
Death NoteDensha Otoko

A Geek by Any Other Name

Everybody Ought to Have a Maid: Follow-Up
  Yes, yes, I’m still alive. Some of you may not really be aware that KumoriCon, my local Portland convention, was this past weekend. I volunteered as part of the Maid Squad, and we had an over 50% increase in attendance, so it was buuuuuusy! Then I got back and got handed a bunch of work to do...

Hanners' Anime 'Blog

World Destruction - Episode 9
 As our intrepid trio that make up the World Destruction Committee reach Autumnland (can was stop with the lands named after seasons now please?), we move away from the gang being chased down by the World Salvation Committee or generally getting involved with the wrong sort for once, with the series instead...
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