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Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Mainichi Anime Yume

Does the anime we like reveal what kind of person we are?
Mainichi Anime Yume
  I’ve touched on this topic in bits and pieces in other posts, but I don’t believe I’ve actually delved into it fully. It’s an idea that permeates anime fandom, or really, all communities of media fandoms where people tend to judge one another based on the game or show they like,...


Naruto  Bleach  

The Glorio Blog

Space Dandy Episode 23
 Scarlet tries to deter her crazed ex by hiring Dandy to be her fake new boyfriend.

Haruhichan's Blog

Cafe Maid Saber Figure Joins E2046′s Ori x Gathering Series
  With the new Fate/stay night (2014) series airing this fall, it’s a good time for Fate/Stay Night merchandise to hit the stores again. Below are the pictures of E2046′s latest Ori x Gathering Saber Cafe Shop Maid figure which features a lovely base full of sweet goodies. The figure...

Sugoi! Anime Blog

Toaru Majutsu no Index Anniversary Video
  Dengeki Online posted a great video clip dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe. A Certain Magical Index began as a ranobe series in 2004 under Dengeki Bunko imprint. Since then Certain Magical Index gets a lot of various adaptations: anime, manga and games. And it...


To Aru Majutsu no Index  
To Aru Majutsu no Index


Summer 2014 Anime Season Week 10 – Haiku Edition! (Anime Power Ranking)
  Barakamon and Zankyou no Terror return! Anyway, writing these long posts about this season got tiring, and I like haikus, so this entry will have a haiku per episode! And a line or two more in play text. I hope you like it. Weekly impressions for Akame ga Kill!, Aldnoah.Zero, Barakamon, Fate/kaleid...


Sword Art Online  Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya  
Sword Art OnlineFate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya

The Glorio Blog

The Roundup: Summer 2014 Volume 9
 Lifesong and Timmy are off cavorting at Nan Desu Kan but the rest of the crew picks up the slack. Argevollen gets practical, HaNaYaMaTa keeps its pants on for the hot springs episode, and Sabagebu continues its glorious streak of 80's action movie references.

Organization Anti-Social Geniuses

A Seiyuu Isn’t Just Your Waifu
 ‘Tis better to write posts than to not post at all, eh?  The brilliant idea to fangirl about Seiyuu came to me one night while listening to a very special drama CD recommended to me by a fellow friend of mine. While I will avoid mentioning the content of the drama CD as a pathetic Read more


Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance - Est/Fianna/Claire! The chocolate-war!
 Impressions on the 9th episode of the summer season 2014 anime series named Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance featuring wallpapers of the main heroines Claire, Leonora and Rinslet.

Moe Sucks

Everything Else, Summer ’14, Week 10: Just a few weeks more…
  A shorter post than usual this week, since I’m a bit exhausted these days. Week 9’s Poll ResultsThe top 5 finishers – Not surprisingly, Psycho-Pass 2 takes the majority of the votes. “I, what most people have probably done as well, voted for Psycho-Pass 2. I’d rather stick...


Sword Art Online  Nishi no Yoki Majo  Fate/stay night  Mushishi  
Sword Art OnlineNishi no Yoki MajoFate/stay nightMushishi


No Ticket No Entry Policy inside SMX on Best of Anime 2014 and its Other Events
  Primetrade Asia (Best of Anime) and the SMX Manila management has decided to impose strict rules with regards to managing crowd control inside its venue. This time around, it has been decided that only ticket holders will be allowed inside the SMX. That means as long as you have tickets to at least...

Random Curiosity 2

Hunter X Hunter – 146
  「会長 x と x 放出」 (Kaichou x to x Houshutsu) Chairman × And × Release"" I'm beginning to think my request to Nanika would be "Make Hunter X Hunter go on forever." The post Hunter X Hunter 2011 – 146 appeared first on Random Curiosity.


Hunter x Hunter  
Hunter x Hunter

Draggle's Anime Blog

Mahouka 23 — Nothing Happens… Again
  Ugh, let’s get this over with Oh, of course everyone living in Chinatown and is actually loyal to China and not the country they’re living in. This is some xenophobic, racist shit. Although in Japan it may be true, since who would want to consider themselves part of a country that treats...

Lost in America

Hunter X Hunter 2011 - 146
  I'm beginning to think my request to Nanika would be "Make Hunter X Hunter go on forever."Author's Note:&nbsp;Please be very careful to avoid divulging any information about upcoming events from the manga. When in doubt, don't post it, even if it's remotely possible to view it as a minor spoiler....


Nishi no Yoki Majo  Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch  Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch Season 2  Souten no Ken  Tales of the Abyss  Hokuto no Ken Raoh Gaiden Ten no Haoh  Nijuu Menzou Musume  Seirei no Moribito  Yoshinaga-san'chi no Gargoyle  Hunter x Hunter  
Nishi no Yoki MajoCode Geass Hangyaku no LelouchCode Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch Season 2Souten no Ken

Haruhichan's Blog

Video: Fate/Stay Night (2014) – Commercial 4
  The fourth commercial for ufotable’s Fate/stay night (2014) has released for series protagonists Saber and also previews the anime’s Opening theme Ideal White from Mashiro Ayane. The series will be adapting the Unlimited Blade Works route. The series will be directed by Takahiro Miura (storyboard...


Fate/stay night  
Fate/stay night

Spark Blog

Fate/kaleid liner Episode 10 Impression
  On this episode, the girls continue their fight against Bazett. Later, they return to their normal lives for now. The battle conclusion was not bad. I hoped that there would be a complete defeat but there isn't. Also it became quite clear on how Bazett secretly got sent. Now will the girls have to...
Showing entries 166-180 of 248279 from 709 blogs.
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