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Monday, April 14th, 2014

Lost in America

Baby Steps - 02
  Pardon me as I just breathe a little sigh of relief, even as I don't allow myself to relax yet.Let me make one thing perfectly clear: to paraphrase Roger Ebert, I love Baby Steps.&nbsp; Love, love. love, love, love Baby Steps.Clear enough, I hope.&nbsp; I make no pretense at being impartial...



Random Curiosity 2

Isshuukan Friends – 02
  「友達との過ごし方。 」 (Tomodachi to no Sugoshikata.) "How to Spend Time with Friends." Continuing off of last week's momentum, this second episode of Isshuukan Friends brought a nice balance of exposition with some downright heartbreaking scenes. Heartbreaking scenes god damnit. The post...

Random Curiosity 2

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – 02
  「入学編II」 (Nyuugaku-hen II) "Enrollment Part II" I can see why Tatsuya gets on some people's nerves. Here's when he should, and where he works. The post Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – 02 appeared first on Random Curiosity.

Random Curiosity 2

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii – 02
  「雨の公女」 (Ame no Kimijo) "Princess of Rain" Now that's how you get out of a cage. The post Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii – 02 appeared first on Random Curiosity.

J-List Side Blog

Remember, the J-List Blogger blog has moved...update your links!
  Remember, we've moved our venerable Blogger site to our shiny new Wordpress blog, located at&nbsp;, so if you'd like to continue reading the adventures of Peter and J-List, please bookmark that site instead. All the content from this site has been imported over there, and this...


First Impressions: Haikyuu and Baby Steps
 While the 6th phantom player who plays with his balls finally left the court, it is time for the new boys to arrive to fill in the blanks – though only one of them fit the hole in pandering with the fujoshi crowd, I do like our two new protagonists in a sense. Anyway, we have Haikyuu! which I would...


Gin no Saji  Hunter x Hunter  Chihayafuru  
Gin no SajiHunter x HunterChihayafuru


“Gun Gale Online” Recycling Artwork Already
  Gun Fail Online has apparently been recycling variations of the same illustration in magazine features - just a couple days after one page spread of "art" was revealed, another comes with only minor alterations.            Commentskirito looks like wearing...

Loli Salad

Guest Post: No Game No Life Impressions
Loli Salad
 (Fang note: for the first time in the prestigious six and a half year run of Loli Salad we actually have a guest post to share today! My good friend John from Video Game Choo Choo is here to give us another look at the uh “critically acclaimed” No Game No Life)As one of the world’s...


“Kawaisou” Has Another Attractive Freak
  Kawaisou’s second episode proves every bit as lovely as the first – Usa keeps on trying to get closer to Ritsu thanks to the others’ help, all until a new character is introduced who bubbles up the relationship.          CommentsI wish I could use...


Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo  
Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo

Anime Evo

Baby Steps – 02
 Honestly I’m impressed the series is staying so steady so far. There could be serious temptation to step up the pacing with only so many episodes, but they seem to be taking their time which is comforting in its own way. And hey this episode the MC actually got to hit a ball though clearly []

Draggle's Anime Blog

What Should I Blog Next? Spring 2014
  As usual, I will do whatever I feel like despite asking what I should blog next season. Pick your top three and try to convince me in the comments. I should warn everyone that the next season will be pretty hectic for me in real life. The next two or three weeks I will likely fall behind due to work....

萌え Alternative

Soul Eater Not! First Impressions – This is Not! a Lost Cause Yet!
  Categories: Anime, First Impressions, Spring 2014 Tags: First Impressions, Scrub Monkey 3rd Class, Soul Eater, Spring 2014, YuriSoul Eater Not! is a spin off of the anime/manga Soul Eater. Featuring a new cast of characters going before and around the time the latter show takes place. Now I have special...


Soul Eater  
Soul Eater


Today’s Japan Photo: Tsukiji Fish Market 築地市場
  For Today’s Japan Photo, we will be visiting the Tsukiji Fish Market 築地市場, otherwise known as the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market (東京都中央卸売 市場). It was really fun to visit the fish market, and it would be sad to see the market go after this year. It was an...

Random Curiosity 2

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou – 02
  「これって」 (Korette) "Is It?" Genuine laughter: the best way to quickly form bonds between people. The post Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou – 02 appeared first on Random Curiosity.

Infinite Zenith

The Pilot’s Love Song- Final Impressions
 I’m still Superman. So ends The Pilot’s Love Song, one of the more unusual anime of the Winter 2014 season. After the midway point is reached, the series takes on a much darker hue, stepping away from the everyday life at the Cadoques Academy and throwing the trainees into combat with the...
Showing entries 181-195 of 241740 from 709 blogs.
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