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Monday, September 8th, 2014


“Grisaia No Kajitsu” X “Lucky Star” Event Success
  The highly bizarre Grisaia no Kajitsu X Lucky Star collaborative event had a semi-surprisingly sizable turnout for taking place in the middle of a tiny town and being the odd, totally irrelevant combo that it is.          CommentsI cannot see any connection...



Moe Sucks

Akame ga Kill! Ep. 10: The softer side of Esdeath
  Oh good, the general is just another clichéd anime babe! – We kick things off with the Jaegers just outside a bandit’s fortress. Honestly, I don’t expect to see anything but a bunch of gratuitous slaughtering of human life to follow. But hurr, we gotta see the Jaeger’s powers...


Blood+  NEEDLESS  


“Zankyou No Terror” Expecting The Catharsis
  Zankyou no Terror is less than terrific this time around - something that really stands out among the several examples of quality presented thus far, but it's merely a slight drop in the magnificence of it all.          CommentsLOL! She is not ugly though…...

Spark Blog

Himegoto Episode 10 Impression
  On this episode, a bunch of cross dressers revealed their actual gender. Later, they do dress inspection on other students. Wait, what!?!? Those "cross dressers" look awfully way too good to be opposite genders. I doubt that their original genders are not even their actual genders just like Hime...

AngryAnimeBitches Anime Blog

Akame ga Kill! Episode 10: Kill the Temptation
 Impression It almost feels miraculous that Tatsumi’s managed to escape the palace relatively unharmed and undiscovered – especially as he decided to tread on dangerous ground several times, including his attempt to do a...

Random Curiosity 2

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – 10
  「強まるのは、絆と手 綱。」 (Tsuyomaru no wa, Kizuna to Tadzuna.) "What's Strengthened Is Our Bond and Our Reins" More Seo! More Mikorin! More Kashima! Ship all the side characters! The post Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – 10 appeared first on Random Curiosity.

Anime Evo

Fairy Tail 2 – 22-23
 Its been about two weeks since I saw Fairy Tail, and now that I'm back the latest arc of the series is finally wrapping up. More so than any other arc, I have very mixed feelings about how this one ended, and where we're at when everything's said and done. With episode 23, the battle is, for all intents...
Sunday, September 7th, 2014


“Gun Gale Online” Trauma Drama
  Sinon relives her awful memories of killing a person inside of a videogame within episode 10 of Gun Gale Online - and subsequent predictable incidents of strengthening romantic implications with the MC ensue.           CommentsThis season sure is full of...

Anime Aura

We are back – and Anime Aura turned 3 last month!
    Sorry for the unexpected anime review hiatus. We had some changes with writers (bloggers) and things like that. I had gone into writing hiatus last year, then early this year Rasul (azeriraz) left Anime Aura due to other commitments. Amber has a lot less time nowadays for blogging with her busy...

Random Curiosity 2

Haikyuu!! – 23
  「流れを変える一本」 (Nagare wo Kaeru Ippon) "The Point that Changes the Momentum" Once again, Haikyuu surprises with its developments. Just when I thought this episode was going to focus entirely on Hinata being the ultimate decoy, it throws me a huge and unexpected curve ball float serve--Yamaguchi...

LuRa's Anime Blog

Song Of The Week 181 – Miraiiro by Plastic Tree
 Hey, do you guys remember me telling you Yu-Gi-Oh! series were awesome? Well, they are. *cough*ignoringsomeofGXandZEXA L*cough* Seriously. What can be better than a Yu-Gi-Oh! series, so laden with cliches and tropes that it becomes awesome by default. And 5D’s is the standout from them. I love...

Moe Sucks

Aldnoah.Zero Ep. 10: A momentary distraction
  Time to see how Inaho saves the day once again! – Eddy is kind of slow. If the Aldnoah Drive can’t shut down unless the princess is dead, then let’s put two and two together, guys. – Asseylum has no breathing or pulse, so the princess is actually dead for the time being. Oh...

Random Curiosity 2

Sailor Moon Crystal – 05
  「まこと –Sailor Jupiter–」 (Makoto -Seeraa Jupitaa-) "Makoto –Sailor Jupiter–" I'll admit that this episode, had me pleasantly surprised. The post Sailor Moon Crystal – 05 appeared first on Random Curiosity.

Project Saber

Figure Haven: July/August 2014 Shipments
  Since we brought our July shipment directly to Anime Expo this year, there’s not much left from it. However, we have new figures from our August shipment! July/August 2014′s Additions: Scaled figuresSword Art Online: Asuna -Knights of the Blood Ver.-Uzuki Shimamura: New Generation Ver.Yozora...



Ani-Nouto (アニ・ノート)

Meanwhile, on Twitter
Ani-Nouto (アニ・ノート)
  DiGiKerot screencaps his One for All gameplay with a camera: In addition to being tall (as he observed), Leon also has a kanji spelling, “玲音”, and an intense heterochromia. She sure looks the Kuroi’s idol part, with raw power, even menace. Here goes the hook for new iM@S anime...
Showing entries 271-285 of 248277 from 709 blogs.
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