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Friday, October 17th, 2014


Persona 4: I’m so gay for Narukami Yu
  I never really appreciated Yu that much when I was playing Persona 4, because, well, there was nothing to appreciate. Just like the older Persona games, “Yu” (you can actually name him, but for the sake of this post, I will just continue referring him to “Yu”) is a silent protagonist;...

Moe Sucks

Amagi Brilliant Park Ep. 3: Every wrong way to run a theme park
  Right off the bat, Moffle comes charging at Kanye and gripes, “In the twenty-nine years since this park was established, we have never taken a day off without advance notice! That’s how we’ve built up the trust of our customers.” Isn’t that hilarious, though? The trust...

The Cart Driver

Psycho Pass season 2 episode 2 – Badassery comes with bad lungs
  Akane smokes now. Mai waifu has been ruined. Actually I find this to be a really interesting reveal for her character. She definitely didn’t smoke last season. It fit her more straight-out-of-college naive young adult look. It seems like she’s picked up the habit from Kougami. If anything...

Haruhichan's Blog

A Special Message from the Righteous Boobage Producer of Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus
  Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus has recently launched on the PlayStation Vita in North America and Europe earlier this week and for owners of the Let’s Get Physical edition they received a nice message from game producer Kenichiro Takaki. If you missed the message here it is again: The Senran Kagura...


Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Animated Cutscene PV
  Fate/Hollow Ataraxia's PS Vita port releases a new PV, finally containing what everyone's been awaiting it for, a glimpse of Ufotable's glorious animated opening, striking no less than excellent.          CommentsThat is very true, God Eater will eat a...


“Madoka Magica” Onsen Kimono Art
  Madoka Magica's latest character cards do their job in exhibiting the brilliance of Kyoko ever-expected - the girls are dressed in kimonos after a bath, and that means wet Kyoko wrapped in soft cloth.           Related Stories“Madoka Magica” Tries...

Beneath the Tangles

Something More: Serve Like a Librarian, Arrogant Aldnoah, and Doraemon Temple
  The fall season is in full swing!  But the articles below are largely for series from seasons past (not that it’s a bad thing to reflect on shows we’ve already finished). Frank has been commenting on Hanamayata all season long, and concludes with a post covering Christian themes in the...


“Hitsugi No Chaika” & Hardships Of Kawaiiness
  Once again, Hitsugi no Chaika offers a superb spectacle, sparing no single moment for development, opening new doors open on their journey to find out the ultimate truth of the origins of the kawaii Chaika.          CommentsKono kawaisa tamaranai. by soliloquyso...


“Parasyte” Is Lighthearted & Brutal
  Parasyte excellently depicts a great balance of horror and sci-fi elements without stumbling upon itself, coupled with a respect-worthy MC and an interesting premise, things are looking up for this series.          CommentsJoin the herd. by cleanloliloverWelcome...

Draggle's Anime Blog

Psycho Pass 2 02 — The WC
  Personally I agree that the best explanation was he was looking for the bathroom I can see that driving someone to murder. Anyway, I thought we learned last season that the Sibyl system isn’t as omnipotent as widely believed. Why does it feel like we’re learning this from scratch all over...

Random Curiosity 2

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso – 02
  「友人A」 (Yūjin A) "Friend A" Talk about stunning. The post Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso – 02 appeared first on Random Curiosity.

Kurogane's Anime Blog

Ore, Twintail ni narimasu! 02
Kurogane's Anime Blog
  まったく、ツインテー ルは最高だぜ!! Twintails is one of those shows, where the first episode so balls to walls out of the park crazy yet so fucking amazing, you immediately worry if the next episode can live up to it. Luckily enough, the 2nd installment of this amazing show manages...

Moe Sucks

Gundam: Reconguista in G Ep. 4: Energy crisis
  Alright, I think I sort of get what’s going on now. Sort of. As we all know, the end of the Universal Century brought about a near-cataclysmic event. I imagine the conflict over energy led to nations coming dangerously close to wiping humanity out. This is probably also why we haven’t seen...

A Product of Wasted Time

One Piece 764
 Law's flashbacks continues as Corazon is about to reveal some surprising facts to the young Law.At least he didn't lie about everything.Summary:Corazon (Doflamingo's brother Rosiante) reveals to Law that he can talk and is a devil fruit user capable of forming barriers to block out sound. Corazon tells...


One Piece  
One Piece

A Product of Wasted Time

Bleach 601
 Nimaiya goes gangsta of the special Sternritters. Too fast and too sharp for ya!Summary:Nimaiya pulls out his special, too-sharp, pretty much one-hit-kill zanpukto out of the tank and effortlessly cuts down Thor, Sniper Guy, Glowy-eyes in hood and Askin (aka the poor Aizen imitator). However, Askin has...


Naruto  Bleach  
Showing entries 121-135 of 249694 from 709 blogs.
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