FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

User Questions

I see a "Valid Atom" button, but where is the Atom feed?

We've decided to primarily support RSS2 feeds, but for those who prefer Atom it is available. Simply replace /feed/ with /atom/ in any RSS URI to access the Atom equivalent.

I'd like to put one of the Antenna's feeds on my site! Can I?
I'd like to put my personalized feed on my site! Can I?

It's OK to pull any of the Antenna's feeds (including your personalized feed) to display as a component of your site. (e.g. On your sidebar, etc.) However using any of the Antenna's feeds as the sole content of your site, or misrepresenting the content you pull from the Antenna as your own is not allowed. Also it's not allowed to pull the Antenna's feed and make it part of your own aggregator.

Blogger Questions

Is there anyway for my blog to update quicker?

If your blogging software supports a XML-RPC Ping, add http://rpc.antenna.animeblogger.net/ to the list of servers it notifies. This will mark your blog for being checked for new content.

On WordPress, this is in the admin panel under Options, Writing, Update Services.

Wow, an icon and a description for my blog! How do I get that for mine?

Send us an email to antenna dash submissions @ animeblogger dot net with a 128x128px PNG icon and/or a short description. Upon approval the icon will be installed and/or your description set!

The ping server isn't working for my blog. Why?

We verify blogs before responding to pings from them so you must be on the antenna already to use this feature. If you are and it still doesn't work, contact us at antenna dash rpc dash support @ animeblogger dot net about figuring out why yours isn't verifying.